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Manufacturers need to be agile to meet market demands perfectly without raising their costs, compromising efficiency, and increasing wastage.

Factory Scheduling is among the manufacturing modules offered by SYSPRO's products suite. SYSPRO Factory Scheduling integrates with inventory, purchase orders, bill of materials, and work in progress.

The manufacturing operations management software boosts productivity, lowers production costs, and minimizes losses. The core benefits of SYSPRO's Factory Scheduling software include;

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

SYSPRO's Factory Scheduling software makes it possible to have accurate planning and scheduling, which minimizes downtime. Companies can factor in machine, personnel, equipment, and inventory constraints and create accurate schedules that aid in the smarter use of resources.

Shop Floor Data Collection & Tracking

SYSPRO's Factory Scheduling also makes it possible for frontline managers to gain complete control and visibility of the shop floor, which prevents downtime, overruns, poor machine & employee performance, and excessive scrapping.

Frontline managers can also collect data efficiently instead of relying on conventional methods that are expensive, inaccurate, complex, and time-consuming. SYSPRO's Factory Scheduling software has a shop floor data collection tool (SFDC) for equipment and employees with options for connecting machines automatically, which allows data collection without manual inputs.

Shop floor data collection and tracking offers real-time visibility, eliminates manual processes, and boosts productivity. Production plans can be executed with ease while collecting crucial factory floor data like materials issued, labor hours, quantities reported, and more.

Factory Performance & Loss Management

The software also offers factory performance and loss data allowing you to pursue world-class standards on things like equipment and labor efficiency. Being able to collect factory performance data aids in the reduction of production costs and improvement of overall productivity. It is possible to anticipate factory performance since it's possible to anticipate service and utilization levels down to the machine level.

SYSPRO 's Factory Scheduling offers loss management by identifying, classifying, and quantifying losses which help to establish countermeasures that reduce them.

Lean Manufacturing & Continuous Improvement

The Factory Scheduling software also aids in lean six sigma improvement efforts with management alerts, online documents, etc., which offer the tools and analytics needed for running an efficient manufacturing operation. Factories can therefore enjoy competitive advantage derived from benchmarking resource performance against global standards and making improvements.

In a nutshell, SYSPRO's Factory Scheduling simplifies the work of manufacturers and boosts the bottom-line by offering industry software that is simple to use yet capable of handling complicated business challenges.

Industries Served

As mentioned, SYSPRO focuses on manufacturing and distribution. The industries served in manufacturing include, but aren't limited to chemicals, fertilizers, automotive parts, electronics industry, fabricated metals, furniture and fittings, food and beverage, medical devices, packaging, pharmaceutical manufacturing, plastics and rubber industries.

In distribution, SYSPRO serves the food and beverage industry, industrial machinery & equipment industry, automotive parts & accessories, and the computer & electronics products industries.


SYSPRO Factory Scheduling is by SYSPRO, a globally renowned software provider that focuses on distribution and manufacturing industries. SYSPRO offers manufacturing software, ERP software, distribution software, enterprise software, CRM software, business software, channel partner program, and POS software.

SYSPRO is headquartered in Tustin, California. Since being established in 1978, the company has continued meeting unique industry needs and empowering its clientele to grow and adapt. The company offers scalable solutions that are deployable on-premise, cloud, or both. SYSPRO software can also be accessed via a web browser.

The company remains 100% focused on customer and partner success. SYSPRO's evolving solutions are in line with industry trends. The company's mission is leveraging emerging technologies to enable customers and partners to secure their future. SYSPRO has 15,000+ licensed companies using its software in 60+ countries spanning six continents. The company has over 1,600 channel & support partners.

The company's 500+ workforce is customer-centric. This is solely why SYSPRO's has been able to remain a market leader in enterprise application. By focusing on clients and partners, SYSPRO is consistently successful in guiding customers through every software implementation stage. The company's goal is delivering world-class software that offers customers control, agility, and insights needed to maintain competitive advantage globally.

SYSPRO offers a unique combination of scalable, robust, and current technologies with near-zero risk and an unmatched ROI. The company's vision is delivering customer's current and future needs.

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