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Constraint-based, Optimization Driven APS Software for Enterprise Manufacturers

For the past 20 years, Optessa has been providing production scheduling computer software to help enterprise manufacturers extend the details scheduling capabilities of their native ERP, MES, and MRP systems with constraint-based, optimization driven advanced planning and scheduling software.

Industries Served

Optessa's constraint library is highly flexible, and this allows Optessa to serve a wide variety of manufacturers in the discrete, process, and service industries. It currently has global deployments with such manufacturers as Nissan, Honda, General Motors, Ford, Renault, Mapei, General Electric Appliances, and Lordstown motors.

Production Scheduling Capabilities

Optessa production scheduling software is perfect for enterprise manufacturers who produce large quantities of complex products, that incorporate many different features, and carry a high net value per product. This type of manufacturing has many hundreds of production rules across the global, plant, line, worker force, and product levels, resulting billions of possible schedule combinations.

Optessa is the only system to date capable of apply optimization to consider all of these possible permutations to arrive at the best possible schedule. This is possible because of Optessa's main competitive advantage, Fast Optimization -- the ability to apply constraint-based, true optimization algorithms to the solution set and arrive at a feasible schedule in seconds.

Optessa is able to apply detailed scheduling to help manufacturers:

  • Reduce order to delivery times
  • Achieve lean inventories
  • Maximize throughput
  • Control costs

Production Sequencing Capabilities

Sequencing is a subset of production scheduling where start and stop timestamps are not required and only the order of the products is specified in the schedule. Optessa was initially designed specifically for production sequencing in the discrete manufacturing field and the power of its capabilities in this field make it the world leader in sequencing solutions.

Optessa helps manufacturers apply sequencing to solve the following challenges:

  • Single-line and multi-line sequencing
  • Integrated batching and sequencing
  • Zone specific sequencing rules
  • Multi-zone sequencing with varying production rates / buffers / extended lead times
  • Complex topologies with merge & divide

Implementation Services

Many ERP and MES systems offer detailed scheduling add-ons, and this functionality can work for some time. But eventually the complexity overwhelms these systems, as it once did the production schedulers who attempted to do the scheduling manually in excel. A full featured, optimization-based production scheduling system is needed and that is exactly what Optessa provides.

Fortunately, Optessa integrates with not just the big names like SAP and Oracle, but also a wide variety of other ERP and MES systems, and extends their capabilities.

Optessa features on-premise as well as cloud deployments in AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

Finally, Optessa provides each of its customers with a dedicated technical support team and free software upgrades.

About Optessa Software

Optessa was founded in 2001, has been in continuous use since 1993, and is currently running in hundreds of factories worldwide. Optessa has its headquarters in Edmonton, Canada and two additional offices, in Hazlet, NJ and Goa, India.

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