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ROBEX Scheduler is produced by Danish IT & production specialists - ROBEX A/S. The software manages all aspects of production scheduling ensuring they are optimized. The software also provides production facilities utilize their resources effectively. ROBEX also offers a graphic overview of production. It is an efficient and versatile tool for flexible and fast scheduling. When used, ROBEX will boost the bottom line.

ERP Integration

ROBEX Scheduler can be integrated with all enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The software is offered as an additional component by many ERP suppliers. Typical scheduling solutions focus on acquisition. However, the level and quality offered by the production scheduling software should also match or surpass what is expected by users.

ROBEX Scheduler is made to match the type of production and special needs/requirements. Users buy a single or multiple-user license and enter into a subscription agreement that includes new program versions and access to new updates. Optimize production scheduling and enjoy the following benefits:

Main Cost and Other Benefits

Manufacturers interested in production scheduling software have several cost-based and related reasons to consider ROBEX. The main reasons include;

Reduced payment costs: ROBEX Scheduler will reduce production staff costs by optimizing scheduling which eliminates costly overtime staff expenses, and last-minute orders. Manufacturers can plan ahead and have the staff they need at any given time.

Increased revenue: ROBEX ensures precision and reliability in delivery. There's also added flexibility to handle eventualities in production, such as bulk orders on short notice.

Improved competitiveness: Little to no delivery delays translate to a stronger marketing position.

Lower capacity, storage, penalty, and sub supplier costs: Capacity costs are reduced by improved product equipment/machine utilization coupled with savings enjoyed by delaying acquisition of new equipment.

Improved production scheduling optimizes the products that need storage. A streamlined production process with little to no delivery delays reduces penalty costs charged on delayed deliveries. Improved capacity utilization reduces the need to hire external suppliers reducing sub supplier costs in the process.

Improved financial utilization: ROBEX Scheduler eliminates the need for staff to waste time on scheduling. Machines and other resources are also used optimally. The result is a high financial utilization with many other benefits.

Industry-wide application: ROBEX Scheduler offers flexible, reliable, and viewable/graphic production scheduling tools that are useful for manufactures in all industries. The software has successfully boosted production scheduling across many production companies that vary in size and sectors.

Versatility and flexibility: ROBEX Scheduler is a flexible and versatile tool made for project, order, and process-based production. The software is a product of vast expertise in scheduling, information technology, and production management expertise.

About Us - ROBEX Scheduler

ROBEX Scheduler is by ROBEX A/S - a Danish IT & engineering company that makes production scheduling software among other software products. ROBEX Scheduler was launched in 2002. Since then, there have been numerous collaborations with manufacturers and planners to optimize the software and ensure it meets the unique needs and requirements of everyday users.

Armed with vast expertise in production management and programming, ROBEX A/S set out to make a modular system whose applicability and features are continually developed. ROBEX Scheduler meets the dynamic needs of modern manufacturing.

The company's mission is to offer production companies great scheduling tools. ROBEX is made for/with the planners who face challenges in managing production. In fact, ROBEX has expanded the role of planners since the 1 st version of ROBEX Scheduler. The company recognizes the increasing demand for documentation, flexibility, and optimization. One of ROBEX A/S's goals is to always follow developments closely to be able to offer planners software that meets evolving needs.

Industries Served

ROBEX Scheduler is configured for discrete, project and process manufacturing. In discrete manufacturing, industries currently using ROBEX Scheduler include, but aren't limited to, those in steel and metal, plastic, electronic manufacturing, furnishings, transport, construction, and graphic production.

In process manufacturing, the software is in use in food and beverage, life science, and chemical manufacturing industries. This includes dairies, wine bottling factories, and companies in medical manufacturing, biotech, fiber industry, paint and surface finish/treatment, etc.

In project manufacturing, ROBEX Scheduler is currently in use by machine manufacturers, building and construction companies, technical services companies like developers, transport sector companies, etc.

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