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MaxScheduler is a web-based production scheduling software for mid-sized manufacturers. MaxScheduler will improve operations scheduling from spreadsheets or wallboards to sophisticated user-friendly graphical representations. Jobs can be imported from accounting, spreadsheets, warehouse management systems, materials requirements planning, enterprise resource planning, and other systems. MaxScheduler can also easily assign work to machines, staff, and other resources at a click and offer real-time access to production via a web browser.

Main Benefits


MaxScheduler allows a majority of production scheduling to be done using a mouse. Editing schedules is a quick a few clicks. Multiple tasks can be managed with ease and across many resources.

Scheduling can be configured for companies with multiple sites. The software treats every site separately with individual jobs and schedules. Configuration can also be done based on job boards, operation hours, resources available, and other factors like attributes (such as job number, duration, due date, etc.)

MaxScheduler Isn't a Spreadsheet

Many companies are guilty of using spreadsheets for tracking many business activities. This comes with many challenges, such as difficulties when making graphical schedules and sharing. MaxScheduler was created solely for scheduling.

Up-to-date Communication

MaxScheduler is always updated. This makes it possible for everyone in the company to log-in and check their schedules real-time. This eliminates the need for emails, phone calls, and other similar activities that decrease productivity.

System Integration

MaxScheduler can easily integrate with other software to offer superior production processes. Examples of systems that can integrate with MaxScheduler include, but aren't limited to MRP, ERP, Job Shop, MIS, spreadsheets, accounting, and more. The software offers the benefits of scheduling software without being forced to change current scheduling processes.

Main Features

Schedule screen: The software's main screen has a top portion that shows a schedule and list view at the bottom with jobs meant to be scheduled. Job scheduling happens via a mouse. Simply drag a job from the bottom list view to the top position where you wish to schedule. The list view has data searching, data sorting, and other excel-like features.

Protected schedule: Business schedules can be protected using a login screen. This feature maintains strict controls on sensitive data.

Graphic schedule : A graphical schedule can be generated by the software. A quick glance offers an intuitive feeling of operations. You'll also see

opportunities for improvement and other details better than they would be on a spreadsheet.

Control schedule access: MaxScheduler has user-level controls that offer access via user profiles. The level of access can be adjusted accordingly. Schedulers can get full system access, while others can get editing and/or viewing access.

Job Status: MaxScheduler has a job status screen that lists all job details. The screen offers insights into scheduled and unscheduled jobs. There are also excel-like features like filtering and columns. Data can also be exported to excel.

About Us - MaxScheduler

MaxScheduler is a scheduling program/software for warehouses and manufacturers. The software allows businesses that perform production scheduling using manual tools like wallboards, papers, and spreadsheets to improve their processes with more sophisticated software. MaxScheduler allows businesses to create graphical schedules, import tasks, and share such tasks within the company using web pages.

The history of MaxScheduler dates back to the 1990s, long before the software was made by Feliks Gadzinski - a systems consultant at the time. Gadzinski came up with MaxScheduler after being inspired by a logistics consultant who brought up the absence of software for managing the flow of goods. This sparked the birth of ScheduleMate - a graphical software for shipping schedule management. Years later, ScheduleMate became successful for large facilities prompting the need for similar software for smaller facilities. In 2005, MaxScheduler was born as a new version of ScheduleMate.

The company's primary location is in Ontario, CA. The primary driving force for MaxScheduler is Feliks Gadzinski. For decades, Feliks has worked extensively in logistics consulting, developing customized scheduling solutions in the process. He holds a doctorate in optimization & control theory. He works alongside Peter Gadzinski - MaxScheduler's product manager. Peter has a Computer Science & Electrical Engineering degree.

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