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Full Suite of Production Scheduling Solutions

APS FEDRA offers the following production scheduling solutions:

Detailed Scheduling

Detailed Scheduling comes with basic functions for easy operations planning, machine planning, evaluations, and simple wizards. Detailed Scheduling can replace analog scheduling solutions with digital drag & drop representations.

It also offers assisted planning for boosting transparency and efficiency, workload analysis for assessing production capacity, and work order management for streamlining orders

Advanced Resource Planning

More resources can be availed if needed. advanced resource planning offers multidimensional planning features during manufacturing planning processes. This is made possible through function extensions for materials, energy, and tools.

Through advance resource planning, manufacturing companies can implement personnel deployment planning without focusing on machine utilization. They can also get more transparency through secondary resource planning. Energy demand planning assists in the management of peak loads which in turn avoids energy procurement penalties.

Integrated workforce planning synchronizes production planning with personnel deployment, while predictive material planning visualizes indirect order dependencies through the assessment of material relationships. It is possible to optimize material supply using predictive material planning.

Workforce Planning

Optimize personnel deployment and enjoy efficient personnel scheduling through Workforce Planning. Consider the exact personnel requirements and qualifications of your staff. Workforce planning allows you to plan orders based on the qualifications of specific employees. Employee availability can also be factored into order planning processes.

Workforce management makes it possible to create as well as manage employees and their respective qualifications directly.

Advanced Scheduling & Optimization

Reach optimum using a wide range of functions offering automatic planning via artificial intelligence or preset rules and objectives. Advanced scheduling & optimization also offers simulation and evaluation in various planning scenarios.

Use rule-designed planning for automatic planning based on defined rules. Use AI planning to boost automated manufacturing planning and simulation to compare planning scenarios as production continues.

Advanced Process Modeling

Advanced process modeling for visualizing complexities. Companies need structures like collective orders, campaigns, and explicit release of some production resource combinations to do detailed modeling.

Notable features include campaign planning that optimizes operation sequence and reduces setup costs. Other features include connected production planning for planning multiple operations concurrently and maximizing machine utilization and setup optimized planning for calculating setup time based on machine occupancy to boost sequence and make overall planning realistic.

Advanced process modeling also comes with individual verified planning that includes production specifications in planning, operation splitting that closes existing gaps in planning scenarios more effectively, boosting production capacity utilization, and cross order planning that reveals dependencies applying to production planning orders offering better planning reliability.

Other features include multiple resource mapping which encompasses specific and actual capacity demands which in turn makes it possible to deploy resources multiple times.

About Us

APS FEDRA is produced by MPDV Mikrolab GmbH, a company dedicated to creating smart factories. MPDV is headquartered in Mosbach, Germany, and is currently a market leader in providing IT solutions for manufacturing companies.

MPDV has 40+ years of experience in the manufacturing sector. The company focuses on supporting manufacturers of all sizes on their journeys to establishing smart factories. MPDV was established in 1977 as an engineering company offering custom hardware and software development services. The initial projects revolved around collecting machine data.

Between 1988 and 1997, the company introduced several software products the most notable being HYDRA - the first every standard software personnel and product management. Subsequent years were characterized by strategic acquisitions, expansions and rollout of many software products.

In 2020, MPDV became an Open Industry 4.0 Alliance member. 2020 also saw the launching of APS FEDRA. Currently, MPDV employs 900,000+ people in more than 1,400 manufacturing companies using MPDV's innovative software globally. MPDV's employees work in well-known manufacturing giants globally, spanning all sectors. The MPDV group has 500 employees in USA, Germany, Luxembourg, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Switzerland.

MPDV's products like APS FEDRA (advanced planning & scheduling software) and MES HYDRA (manufacturing execution software), help manufacturing companies to streamline production processes which is crucial for maintaining competitive advantage. MPDV's software collects and analyzes production-related data in real-time, in relation to the entire value chain. The software detects production process delays, initiates targeted measures, and performs many other highly specialized functions that boost the bottom line.

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